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March 01, 2013

ミャンマー カチンとの和平交渉が不透明に

 以下は、カチンの反政府組織(KIO)の議長であるZawng Hra氏が、政府との今週の和平交渉を保留にしたという現地のKACHIN NEWSによる報道。


KIO not ready for peace talks this week, as army resupplies frontline
Thursday, 28 February 2013 10:00
Report by Kachin News Group

Senior representatives of the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) have told their counterparts from the government's negotiations team that they are not ready to meet this week for further peace talks, the Kachin News Group has learned.

The next round of peace talks which were supposed to take place before the end of February are now expected to happen sometime in early March but it remains unclear where the talks will take place. Government officials are known to want the talks on Burmese soil something that the KIO has so far resisted.

Last week government representatives met senior KIO officials in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai during as part of talks between the government and the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC), an alliance of Burma's armed ethnic groups which includes the KIO.

The government's peace team led by the President's Chief negotiator Aung Min has met their KIO counterparts more than a dozen times for formal and informal talks since the Kachin conflict began in June 2011. While many of the sessions have involved representatives of Burma's military during the army has not participated during the most recent rounds of talks. A major sticking point in the negotiations is the government's refusal to recognize a 1947 agreement signed between General Aung San and ethnic leaders including the Kachin that granted Burma's ethnic minorities a fair amount of autonomy. The Panglong agreement reached just months before Burma got independence was never fully implemented after the death of Aung San.

Another point of contention is the army's refusal to withdraw troops from territory recently captured during the fighting. The army has so far declined to reduce its presence along the front line leaving many Kachin with the suspicion that despite a recent slowdown in the fighting a new offensive on the KIO may be imminent.

Reports from the field indicate that the army has used the slowdown in fighting to send more reinforcements to front line positions. On February 24 the Burma army commandeered trucks from civilians in eastern Kachin state to send arms and food supplies to troops stationed near Loije according to reports from the field. Situated on the Kachin Burma border Loije, is close to the KIO's second largest town Mai Ja Yang. This week also saw the army send more troops and supplies to reinforce government positions at La Ja Yang, a village recently captured by the army that is close to the Laiza the KIO's de facto capital.

Despite the recent slowdown some fighting continues. On February 25 Kachin Independence Army troops led by Lieutenant Dai Mau Muk Lung exchanged fire with army units from Infantry Battalion 200. The firefight took place north of Lawk Hkawng, in the Pangwa region located near the China Burma border. During the fighting government troops were supported by members of the Border Guard Force 1002 (formerly part of New Democratic Army - Kachin). According to information provided by KIO staff the army side lost at least 8 men including 2 lieutenants.

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